About us

Opal Global Pvt. Ltd. (OG), duly registered in Nepal as an NRN-owned company, is affiliated to Opal Global Developments, Inc., based in Houston, Texas, USA. OG is a diverse global engineering, construction, procurement and management (EPCM) company known for its expertise. We provide specialized services and quality construction by using state of the art technologies and methodologies in construction industry. Our well trained staff works in co-operation with our clients at every stage of project development.

Internationally recognized for its commitment to innovative thinking and cutting edge technology in engineering design and construction, Opal Global remains fully dedicated to the success of every project with utmost integrity. By combining the most current American innovations, technologies and methodology with our core expertise in strict quality and cost control, we consistently strive to deliver projects within the limits of time and monies – without sacrificing the quality.

Our Core Values


Opal Global handles every project with full ethical standards, honesty, openness and complete integrity. Our business approach is to fully adhere to these principles while delivering the best product to every client every time.


Opal Global is a company built on proven trust; trust in management; trust between management and our partners; trust between management and our suppliers; trust between our teams and our clients. Client repeat business is the highest accolade of quality results and Opal Global is proud of our many repeat client jobs.


At Opal Global we value respect as a core ingredient upon which to build successful client relationships. As an international company, we actively cultivate a culture of mutual respect and dignity in our people and projects.


Opal Global views safety as paramount and nonnegotiable. We fully adhere to and often exceed individual country regulations in ensuring complete safety for every aspect in all work performed.


Performance and sustainability are the criteria that lay the groundwork for outstanding design and construction. We use the state of the art project management techniques so that you are in control at any given time.