Quake Wrap

QuakeWrap Inc., the world's most innovative designer, supplier and installer of quality, Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) products for repair and strengthening of structures. They are a pioneer research and development firm committed to providing economical solutions and unparalleled service to engineers, architects, and owners. They strive on creating new innovative products that help clients achieve repair and retrofit of their infrastructure with higher quality, faster construction time and at a lower cost. This is evident by the numerous patented technologies they have developed, such as PileMedic™ for repair of deteriorated steel, timber and concrete columns and submerged piles, SuperLaminate™ for spot repair of pressure pipes, StifPipe™ for repair of gravity or pressure pipes subjected to external gravity loads, and InfinitPipe™ a revolutionary onsite manufactured pipe of virtually any size and length. QuakeWrap was founded in 1994 by Dr. Mo Ehsani, Professor Emeritus of Structural Engineering at the University of Arizona, who pioneered the introduction of FRP to the construction industry and is an internationally-recognized for his expertise on the strengthening of structures, particularly related to earthquakes, terrorist attacks and other potential structural disasters.

Website: http://www.quakewrap.com