With an in-place team of skilled professionals, estimators, project managers, and MEP specialists, Opal Global supports your project from end-to-end.

Construction life cycle

Preconstruction Estimating:

We provide a project outline and cost and time estimate for each phase of the project development. Clients receive a detailed cost module that is adhered to throughout construction

Feasibility Study:

Project engineering team analyze the cost and life cycle of the project from start to completion, then compile it in written analysis form for the client.


Project manager develops a detailed work schedule for each team involved in each phase of the project.

MEP Review:

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing experts are assigned to continuously evaluate and test the evolving systems of the project. The same experts coordinate all engineering services for the project.

Constructability Review:

Ongoing de facto reviews plus formal evaluations and written reviews ensure all aspects of the project development are on track and on budget.

Risk Management:

Our Risk Management team continuously evaluates and controls project schedules, costs and objectives to mitigate risk.

Market Analysis:

Our Management team, along with senior engineers, evaluate the unique requirements of the project within the framework of the market environment and trends. This ensures the project will effectively serve the owner's intent and turn the anticipated profit.

Cost Control:

Opal Global is committed to providing all clients with the most proficient design and construction techniques to achieve the greatest return on investment.

Quality Control:

We continuously monitor work methods and evaluate project procedures throughout the duration to meet and exceed all recognized standards and requirements.

Client benefits:

  • Start to finish project control ensures full compliance, cost and materials oversight and risk mitigation for every aspect
  • Under-one-umbrella management allows continual monitoring, tracking and documentation of all aspects and ensures quality and cost control
  • Controlled work schedules and expenditures eliminate waste, cost overrides and other standard construction problems